Sunday, March 8, 2009

Art Surprise

Many past disappointments with large art shows have led us to arrive with very low expectations. Usually, we quickly walk up and down the aisles, whispering quips to each other about an artist's evident mental illness or personal vision that should be kept to themselves. We're lucky if one or two artists stand out as having genuine talent and worth lingering over. But our experience last night at the Liberty Grand was entirely different. From the moment we walked into the 1926 Beaux Arts building and spotted a few paintings at the entrance to the Artist Project Toronto, our spirits lifted. (Actually, I already had high hopes from my preview of the show website. When I saw two artists whose work we had seen and admired at galleries around town, I figured not only was it worth going to, but I had better measure the wall in our living room just in case...). The cocktail party atmosphere - with jazz music playing and people admiring the art while sipping wine - made for a delightful escape from the pouring rain. We left with a stack of business cards and a newfound optimism not only about finding a piece for our living room, but about contemporary art in general.

The Artist Project Toronto:

Artists of note:

Nava Waxman:

Nahum Flores:

Mina Dela Cruz:

Jessica Rode:

Tammy Ratcliff:

Rose Hirano:

Wenyun Hua:

John Ovcacik:

Paul Roorda:

Heidi Barkun:

Greg Shegler:

Liberty Grand at Exhibition Place: