Thursday, July 19, 2007

Haute Caffeine

Arriving from Seattle, we were very concerned about finding good coffee. We didn't invest in a high-end espresso machine for over-roasted Starbucks beans. Never fear - Dark City Coffee Company is here - and the best news of all is that they deliver fresh-roasted beans within 24 hours after placing an order by phone! What a way to start the day.

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Flathead said...

Hey yyzgirl. Sounds great! So glad that the move from Seattle to Toronto has not displaced you on the coffee scene. Fresh roast is so important. I am roasing with a small drum roaster at home. Hottop bean roaster. Really like it. I go with drip mainly but just got into espresso and am having a great time with it. I have some carmel syrup I am lacing over the top! The good news on the Seattle end is that Starbucks seems to be focusing on a variety of roasts that have really expanded the range of good coffee selections. I am currently into Verona. It's BOLD, but very smooth. Like it a lot when I am on the run. They also have an organic that I like called Serena. As stated on the web, "This blend of organic coffees from Latin America and East Africa offers striking citrus flavor and floral aroma." Mild, subtle is how I would describe it, very interesting. Keep us posted on all things coffee in Toronto. Enjoying your other posts as well. Thanks!