Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bulldog Boycott & Kahawa Karma

I took another chance on Bulldog Coffee this afternoon - and the barista (a different guy than last time) was even meaner than the first!

He was ok with me (no sneers or snide remarks), but he yelled at a couple for not standing in the right spot in line, and when the woman in front of me (who had ordered three drinks: 2 lattes and a chai latte) asked if the drink he had just plunked down in front of her was the chai latte, he answered snarkily "The chai latte will be the one that DOESN'T have espresso in it."

OK, that's it. I'm now officially boycotting the place!

Contrast that experience with my impromptu stop at Kahawa Coffee House on College Street. Fully planning to caffeinate at Manic Coffee (, I have to admit Kahawa's sign on the street with its bold statement about organic, fair trade beans roasted on-site caught my attention and the next thing I knew I was ordering a latte and chatting up the barista. Originally from Vancouver, where he learned his tricks of the trade, he was recently brought on board as manager and roaster. He sounded relieved that Toronto was finally becoming a world class city as far as coffee is concerned. Judging from the drink he made me, I'd have to agree.

Kahawa* Coffee House
388 College Street
*Swahili for coffee

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Cameron Norman said...

Bulldog coffee is well worth considering for boycott due to the remarkably grouchy service you get there from the owner-operator. Still, there are some staffers who are quite nice and when not operating alongside the chief out of fear are really pleasant people. The location is nice and quiet and they have perhaps the best croissants in the city. That said, I've been treated so rudely by the owner it's hard to stomach (pun intended) going back there. It's the croissants that get me. If you want better service and comparable espresso there are many alternatives, though sadly not in that hood except for the very notable Rise Espresso tucked away at Mutual and Dundas. That place is stellar.